2 = clothed, clad, costumed.
Ex. From the way his left shoulder is tipped forward, from the set of his head and the length of his stride, one gets the feeling that he is a fully clothed sprinter just leaving the starting blocks.
Ex. The stereotype of the governess as exemplified in Jane Eyre -- intelligent, restrained, soberly clad -- was the predecessor of the librarian as an occupation in which the women of the period, the 'guardians of morality' could find genteel employment.
Ex. Flamboyantly costumed groups paraded and danced in the streets.
* bien vestido = well-dressed, dapper.
* medio vestido = half dressed.
* persona vaga y mal vestida = slob.
* vestido a la antigua = frumpy [frumpier -comp., frumpiest -sup.], frumpish.
* vestido a la última = fashion statement.
* vestido a la última moda = fashion statement.
* vestido de civil = in plain clothes.
* vestido de gala = dressed (up) to the nines.
* vestido de paisano = civilian clothes, in plain clothes.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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